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Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation coverage applies to bodily injury and diseases arising out of and in the course of employment, including death resulting from an accident. Bodily injuries must be accidental, and only occupational diseases that are unique to the occupation are covered.

Workers’ Compensation provides the following benefits:

Maggiacomo also can work with our workers’ compensation companies to recommend cost-effective ways to control expenses through safety engineering and claim services.

Fire Legal Coverage
Fire legal coverage provides coverage for you if you rent a business space and are held responsible for fire damages to that rented space. It does not apply to all business risks.

Business Interruption/Extra Expense coverage
Business Interruption/Extra Expense coverage provides coverage for income loss and the expense of establishing a temporary site during repairs due to damages related to a fire or compensable loss. Loss of Rental Insurance Income coverage is also available.

Umbrella Liability Policy
Since we live in an age of million-dollar lawsuits, you may also want to add extra liability protection in the form of a Commercial Umbrella Policy. An Umbrella policy is a form of additional liability insurance that provides an added layer of protection for assets in the case of a catastrophic loss. It protects your business assets and future earnings from court awarded settlements pertaining to business liability exposures. Maggiacomo Insurance can tailor a quote to your specific needs.


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